KeyChest – Getting Rid of Broken Padlocks

We all have seen it – I go to visit an interesting blog, DEFCON website, or pay for your parking on the go. But I can’t – the website or web service has an expired certificate and the “damn security wouldn’t let me do it”.

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Encryption and Databases Are Actually Similar

We have been building encryption service for a while. I grew up in the world of encryption and many things just came with experience, without being spelled out. Here’s another why I believe in “hardware encryption”.

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JSignPdf Now Supports Remote Signing

Category : key management , security

A great news – our CloudFoxy is now supported by JSignPdf 1.6.4. You can now sign PDF with eIDAS compliant smart-cards (or OpenPGP dongles) – zero drivers or configuration on user computers.

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Growth Of HTTPS Public Logs (CT)

Category : https , keychest

As we have a database of all the issued public certificates, we started looking at some of the data. This is a quick note about the frequency of updates of certificate transparency (CT) logs.

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Real-Time Certificate Info – 5,560,000,000 KeyChest Index

We have finally completed a GLOBAL certificate look-up table for real-time notifications in our re-designed KeyChest service. KeyChest has been using an external service to check for new certificates. This has become unsustainable due to the number of users and certificates we monitor.

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Multiparty Encryption – Our Talk at DefCon 25 – August 2017

Category : security

I just found a video of our presentation at DefCon last year, which I haven’t watched since. The talk included a live demonstration connecting to a bank of smart-cards in Cambridge, UK. Organizers warned us not to do it as the network was pretty locked-down and a lot of …. interesting traffic was flowing around.

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PDF Signing With CloudFoxy And Smartcards – Production Notes

Category : https , security

We have handed over the first deployment of our CloudFoxy (smart cards over RESTful API) for PDF signing and it is now in live use. Here are a few observations of mine about dependencies, performance, and delivery.

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PDF Signing, eIDAS for Companies – CloudFoxy

Category : crypto , cybersec

We have implemented a solution for eIDAS USB smart cards, with no drivers on user computers. We simply access smart cards HTTPS to sign PDF documents. A solution, which can be automated, integrated with an internal IT infrastructure, and managed by a dedicated support.

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How secure is CloudFlare “flexible SSL” option

Category : https

One would expect that when you decide to secure your web-server traffic with HTTPS, you do it for the security. Some, however, do it mostly to improve their SEO. CloudFlare flexible SSL is exactly for this.

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Planning TLS certificate renewals – define a process

Category : https , letsencrypt , security

This text is about creating a process around planning certificate renewals. As part of our KeyChest re-design, we created a sequence of meaningful checks for TLS certificates to get them always renewed before your web services go down.

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