“We created a cloud security platform.” – “so what?”

We have been working on a cloud security platform Enigma Bridge for the last couple of years. It was a great fun  and … we built it. However, when we started talking to potential customers, we often had a hard time. We heard it was really interesting but what did it actually do?

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Software Reliability

It seems I have to deal with a question of who to trust – our new product or an established software package – way too often. Answers make me question what is the level of testing in open-source software and what is the reliability of software in general. Continue reading Software Reliability

A Long Dark Tea-Time of The Soul

You may know the mood when all seems to be done but new tiny issues keep cropping up every day … until they eventually disappear without you realizing it. The title has kind of sprung to my mind.

A lot has happened since my previous post and I indeed lived and breathed Enigma Bridge.  While we kept focussing on a particular market segment we decided to make our products easier to test by smaller companies – a new test/staging instance of Enigma Bridge service will be launched within days. We did a good progress business-wise as well. But one thing I want to mention in particular is an ASIRTA tool – a baseline profiler for data governance. Continue reading A Long Dark Tea-Time of The Soul

Password Attacks – A Small Server Experiment

This short post looks at passwords attacks that were launched during 5 months’ period against a small web server of ours in 2013.

There are a lot of statistics about what is the most prolific passwords we use to login to our online accounts. What we were interested in was what passwords are being used to guess logons to online systems. We setup a WordPress website and started logging passwords tried against that website. Here are some results after about 5 months of monitoring and over 11,000 of logged attacks.

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Password Attack Taxonomy

This attack taxonomy includes most common attacks on passwords. The table below shows attack categories split into online and offline attacks. Offline attacks require access to a database of scrambled or encrypted passwords, while online attacks would use normal user interface to test or obtain user passwords.

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